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(pas de sujets) [jan. 2e, 2005|12:01 pm]
Percy I. Weasley
[Humeur actuelle |annoyedappalled]

I just want to make note that I have not seen a more disgusting display of disregard for city fire regulations and personal safety in years. Really, there were about a thousand more mature and sensible things the persons involved could have done (and no, I am not blaming everyone who attended, just the few who planned it out) and I hope you all think things through thoroughly and logically next time you feel the need to burn down a historical piece of property.

Common sense, it seems, appears to be in rather short supply these days.

Pyromania is a terrible affliction and there's nothing 'wicked' or '' about it. Indeed, if I must resort to such hieroglyphics to get through to certain people, I would pointedly give the aforementioned actions a most enthusiastic ''.

I absolutely shudder to think I must resort to pictograms in the hopes of getting my point across. Happy New Year.
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Dementor attack and the prevailing stupidity I am surrounded by. [déc. 31e, 2004|02:48 am]
Percy I. Weasley
[Humeur actuelle |crankyproperly indignant]

Eighteen muggles dead. Fifteen have received the Kiss. Most of you have likely seen the Prophet. Things here at the Ministry are in chaos.

I must apologise for my abrupt departure earlier. I've just gotten my first break since arriving here and am exhausted. I suppose it must have been wrong of me to assume that I would actually be informed in the event of such a disastrous occurence, but apparently being the Junior Assistant to the Minister for Magic means very little to anyone these days since I found out about all this in the same way that many of you did. From my morning paper. Heaven forbid they should actually do anything sensible in the case of an emergency, really. This is dreadful, simply dreadful. One cannot let one's guard down for a moment these days without something awful happening.

The organisation here is atrocious; it's no wonder no-one saw any of this coming. I have spent the entire day working to resolve various issues here that no-one else appears to be concerned with and can only conclude that I appear to be surrounded by complete idiocy.

My heartfelt sympathies go out to the victims involved.

I'll be home in a half hour.
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(pas de sujets) [déc. 30e, 2004|10:53 am]
Percy I. Weasley
[Humeur actuelle |scaredhorrified]

Ahh, breakfast. They do say it is the most important meal of the day, and I must say I am inclined to agree with that sentiment. I've often skipped many a morning meal in my haste to keep punctual, but since I've been back here for the holidays, I have not yet had the opportunity to do so. My mother is not one to take no for an answer; she seems to think, for some reason, that I have gotten too thin in the year I have lived solely off my own minimal culinary skills. Though I do appreciate the concern, I do think I have fared well enough, although I am not about to complain about having fabulous home-cooked meals for a week before I must return to London.

I received a magnificent new quill from my brother Ron for Christmas, which is nice considering I have needed a new one for ages, and as well as that, a curious muggle book called Winnie The Pooh from Hermione Granger, which I have sadly not had the chance to start yet but should do so in good time. From skimming through its pages, it appears to me to be a very intriguing book indeed.

Penelope arrived on Christmas Eve, and her visit was a delight as always. From my esteemed Miss Clearwater, I received a handsome new scarf (hand-knit!) and a fascinating array of new muggle books, which I believe will keep me occupied for quite some time. From my parents, I received a lovely new jumper, which is very warm, as well as some sweets. Thank-you all very much for everything; you have definately made this Christmas one to remember. I only hope everyone else has had the opportunity to have a--

Bugger, I would be able to FINISH THIS if it weren't for this bloody post owl nipping at my fingers. Blasted impatient

Good Lord.

I have to go.
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A few thoughts. [déc. 22e, 2004|05:39 pm]
Percy I. Weasley
[Humeur actuelle |contemplativecontemplative]

Well, this is nice.

I'm sitting up in my old room back home; the window overlooks the garden, and from it, I can see all of Ottery St Catchpole stretching out before me, as same and as different as ever. It's quite nice, really.

It seems only yesterday that I was being pummelled in snowball fights and getting jumpers shoved over my head on Christmas morning, even though that that was years ago. 5th year, maybe? Or was it 6th? I don't quite recall. Regardless, I guess it was fun while it lasted.

Funny how things change, I suppose.

Though I really doubt many will be reading these over the holidays, I wish anyone who does happen upon them all the best. Enjoy them, have fun, and keep safe.

Two days to go until Christmas morning.

Happy holidays, everyone.
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An update, of sorts. [déc. 17e, 2004|12:21 pm]
Percy I. Weasley
[Humeur actuelle |cheerfulcheerful]

Doubtless, you will probably recall the report I had mentioned some time ago regarding old-growth hemlock wand trees in Western Canada. Though we have not, in fact, made much progress lately on this particular issue (this I blame entirely on Dobbs' ineptitude), further research into the matter has led me to become quite intrigued by factors such as the different varieties, ages, and qualities of woods and their effects on both the wand user and the standard of magic produced. I am finding the subject to be quite compelling, though I imagine my investigations at this point are only scraping the surface of the topic involved. Delving further could probably reveal rather advantageous information, though assumably someone else is likely far more of an expert on such things than I am. Regardless, I am still finding it fascinating.

It seems to me that an older tree (ancient or old-growth ones oft produce spectacular results) and a greater concentration of magical energy in the area where it has grown translates directly into a more focused and intuitive wand; indeed, much more so than the cheaper varieties made from young trees grown commercially. Many of these such wands are dodgy foreign imports of vastly inferior quality and really should be regulated lest one backfire and cause serious damage to someone or some thing. Wands made from aged woods also seem to have a decreased tendency to snap or misfire, a factor which I imagine could be imperative when one is dealing with hazardous situations, especially during questionable times such as these. Indeed, some people may sneer at the idea now, but in a life-or-death situation, a 4 or 5 % increase in accuracy could stand to make all the difference in the world.

In other news: lo and behold, I have finally managed to acquire a new set of spectacles. Since, oddly enough, my old horn-rims seem to have been missing in action for the most irritating length of time, I decided that the best thing to do would be to simply replace them. Naturally, you get so used to corrective lenses that you come to take them for granted after an indefinate amount of time, at least until you suddenly find you must do without. Though I am told I look quite dashing without eyeglasses, I grew rather weary of walking into things and getting headaches and thus am bespectacled once again. Honestly, you'd think with charms to transfigure footstools into badgers and levitate tea cozies, they would have discovered a spell to fix my dreadful eyesight. But alas, no such luck.

My Christmas shopping is happily nearing completion; just a few more gifts to go and I should be all set. I do not mean to be presumptuous, but I do believe most of you will be pleasantly surprised. My lips are sealed, however, and I will be keeping all holiday presents classified until Christmas itself. No amount of tricks or bribery will be able to weasel it out of me this year.

I do hope you're all well and in good spirits, and I am looking forward to seeing you all over the holidays!
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Absolutely spiffing. [déc. 4e, 2004|10:51 pm]
Percy I. Weasley
[Humeur actuelle |thoughtfulthoughtful]

I've just arrived back from a lovely little get-together at my dear brother and sister-in-law's; Professor Clearwater was kind enough to accompany me, and with all things taken into account, it was a delightful affair, indeed. We really must do it again sometime, or perhaps if you are ever in London one day, you might stop by my flat for tea or dessert. I am very much obliged to my gracious hosts; dinner was superb, and I greatly enjoyed our conversations throughout the afternoon. Thank-you all for an immensely enjoyable visit.


Penny dear, I don't know how you manage, but every time I am blessed enough to see you, you seem to have become all the more entrancing. You must tell me the secret sometime. It boggles the mind, really, and makes going on without you here with me all the more impossible.

All admiration aside, I also have a bit of a question to ask whilst I attempt to get these blasted Christmas lists sorted out:

Which of you are going to be at the Burrow this holiday season?

I must ask because I really do need to know soon how many of you will be there. I would greatly appreciate it if those of you who will be attending would comment on this entry.

Thank-you kindly in advance. Thus far, this is becoming quite the organisational nightmare.
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Heading home [nov. 30e, 2004|01:07 pm]
Percy I. Weasley
[Humeur actuelle |thankfulthankful]

I've finally just been released from St Mungo's, to my greatest relief. Honestly, if I'd been stuck there any longer, I may have been liable to attempt escape through a window.

Bill and Ron: Expect some small parcels by owl later today. I'll be picking some things up on my way home.
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Getting better, apparently. [nov. 28e, 2004|08:38 pm]
Percy I. Weasley
[Humeur actuelle |pleasedrecuperating]
[Musique actuelle |no birds!]

Ah, it is but a lovely day, isn't it?

I seem to have regained control of most, if not all, of my mental faculties, as I have not seen a single bird (cassowary or otherwise) since early yesterday and in addition, have seemingly also repossessed the usage of this computer's shift key. Being a tad round the twist for a week certainly has its way of giving one a new perspective on things, though I suppose it still may be a bit early to tell whether the Pox have run their course completely or not. I suppose I'll have to inquire as to whether I'll be allowed to leave whenever the mediwizards are making their rounds later tonight, though I do hope any further confinement does not last too terribly long. I must admit, it is rather dull sitting here idly whilst there are so many more productive things I could be doing.

I would also like to apologise to anyone I may have bothered or otherwise irritated in my delirium. Honestly, Ron, I hadn't meant to pester. As well, thank-you kindly to the three who visited me recently; for your patience and thoughtfulness, I am duly appreciative.

I should probably get some holiday shopping done as soon as they see fit to release me, so hopefully I will be able to find some gifts that will be appropos since I still haven't a clue what I should purchase for a few of you on my Christmas list. You know, Ron, I would still really appreciate at least some vague hint as to what you would like, not that I'm trying to be pushy or anything.

A trip to the optometrist is probably also in order, since I never did find those missing eyeglasses and am myopic as ever.

Here's to hoping this entry is in the least bit legible. It's taken me at least twice as long as usual, so I do hope the extra effort has paid off.

Cheers, all.
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bloody birds [nov. 23e, 2004|06:33 pm]
Percy I. Weasley
[Humeur actuelle |lethargicsulking]
[Musique actuelle |SHINY]

dear journal:

i appear to have been committed.

if anyone wants me, i'll be in solitary confinement.

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// [nov. 21e, 2004|02:46 pm]
Percy I. Weasley
[Humeur actuelle |sickill]
[Musique actuelle |cassowaries]

well that's nice.

the cassowaries in my kitchen have proceeded to hum pink floyd.

i do wish they'd keep it down

i have a headache>.
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