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A brief update before a bit of preparatory rest. - Percy I. Weasley [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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A brief update before a bit of preparatory rest. [jan. 30e, 2005|02:38 am]
Percy I. Weasley
[Humeur actuelle |cheerfulanticipatory]

Work with the Committee appears to be picking up lately, now that we have gotten a few experts on board. That Williams fellow from the Disposal of Dangerous Creatures office has yet neglected to get back to me on several memos I've left; if he continues to be unresponsive on urgent matters I feel I may be forced to send another note in his direction come Monday. I have never been an impatient sort of person, but I am sure any reasonable adult would agree that some things are simply too important to be continually put on hold. Aside from Williams, the members of the Committee have been largely co-operative on most matters, which I am exceedingly thankful for. Where this Committee would be without such admirable work ethics, I dare not consider.

Apart from the aforementioned Project work, I've been busying myself with keeping up with a few developments regarding the old-growth trees I had mentioned, as there have been a few changes of small note within the past month or so. A revision of that report may be in order if this keeps up, so I do hope it will not interfere greatly with Committee business.

Penelope dear, I can hardly wait for Madame Puddifoot's this Wednesday. Also, Ron and Ginny, I've cleared my schedule for the next Gryffindor match and therefore will probably see you then. I am eagerly anticipating an especially triumphant win, as it would certainly make a nice break from the monotony of it all.